Your sessions are calming and helpful. It is so unique the work you offer. The effects are subtle but everything that is subtle works on a very deep level. It is not only for the physical but also for the soul level what is addressed! And the impression of peace, of deep peace is indescribable! If I hadn’t had your sessions I would not be doing so well on the physical level as I am now. Every session is phenomenal! Your work is on a very deep level and it is very difficult to describe them. And mankind is waiting for such a thing! How is a human being helped when we go to the doctor and just get pills? I want to have the cause affected and healed and worked on. Your way of healing can be the future. So many do not even have any health insurance any longer! Compared to many doctors you have conscience and compassion. Doctors get hundreds of dollars from their insurance companies. You have my vote from the heart! I wish you all the best!

K.vd B., California, USA


Dear Petra Sofia,

As an engineer I don’t know exactly how to describe what you do or how you do it, but it is clear in my mind that you have helped me overcome great obstacles. Through each session I’ve been able to get added clarity on my decisions and unblock negative energy that was keeping me from being my best self. Fears and anxieties were somehow transformed into confidence and certitude. Decisions that seemed difficult became clear & simple, relationships became more significant to me, and my connection to the Infinite Universe felt stronger and stronger. Its as if you helped me plug into Infinite Energy, to the river of life and flow with it. Now all I want to do is to stay connected and free flowing.

Your clear and positive intention to heal and create alignment for each person is humbling and powerful. Thank you for being a channel of healing energy. Thank you for helping me get back on track. Thank you for helping me shine my light more brightly.


C.R. H., Brazil


You took me under your wings and showed me a better way – I remember the day I was in so much pain. You saw it too (when we met by chance) and helped me and I felt so much better afterwards. I think of this day often.

O.E. Ontario, Canada


When I get a session it feels that the darkness is taken out of me, it feels like I just meditated. This is what I noticed (a general feeling) after the sessions.

S.B. Ontario, Canada


Oh, there was a pain in my arm that is normal post mastectomy. It disappeared about 30 minutes into the session with you. I had a strong feeling it would not return and it has NOT. Most women have that pain for about a year!

S.S., Wake Forest, North Carolina, USA


I was recently privileged to have a session with Petra Sofia De Benedetti. Petra Sofia calls upon the Divine Mother for the healing. Although my experience was extremely wonderful and of tremendous benefit, I wish to share something else, that is of equal importance to me, regarding my experience.

I am a licensed Holistic Health Practitioner and, as such, am very open to experiencing different modalities offered by various experienced Practitioners. There is one challenge, however: Instead of helping me with whatever may be in need of balancing, releasing, healing – most Practitioners end up processing their own issues while working with me. It can be a bit frustrating. I guess I must be a great Reflector!

The fantastic news: Petra Sofia’s session with me was superb! Her integrity is obvious and her compassion is an asset. Petra Sofia truly “steps aside” and becomes the vessel for Divine Mother and Her healing ministrations. I felt I was completely tended to in ways that I relate to and definitely sensed the Divine Presence at all times. It is such a pleasure to have found someone who is able to truly assist me, myself. I am so grateful to have found her and to have experienced the benefits of her Divine connection!

Charlene C., San Diego, California, USA


I was referred to Petra Sofia by a friend of a friend. She was known to perform “heavy lifting” for her clients. For all my adult life I have been seeking a way to end my perceived curse of extreme anxiety and fear which was so extreme that I had considered suicide many times just to end my suffering. I had tried so many different methods and spent so much money from conventional therapy to antidepressants to stimulants. Actually the stimulants really helped but I had to keep taking more and more for the same effect of silencing my emotions which finally came to an end when the dosage was getting ridiculous.
The majority of people in Petra Sofia line of work have some talent and are really out for the money in my experience. Disappointment after disappointment. Then they just keep going because they won’t admit that their help was only very short term so I would be back at the beginning each time. The fact that Petra Sofia charged so little gave her credibility to me as it must be her life’s work and not a profit centre like the others. At one point she almost fired me as a client because she didn’t want to keep working on me and taking my money if I did not have any results. This pushed me to work harder in our upcoming sessions.
The first sessions of Divine Mother’s healing laid the foundation for me to even talk about my issues with Petra Sofia as they were so painful and on the surface and my desperation so great. I was really afraid I was going to suffer in my emotional jail cell unit I died, natural or otherwise. As the sessions progressed I calmed down enough to talk to her about my issues and my feelings prior to the healing work actual starting. I did see an image of the Divine Mother during our sessions who appeared to me to be angelic bright queen like figure who descended over me during the sessions like a warm bright cloud covering an object. I prayed to her during the actual healing times for help.
In the last couple of sessions, I was directed the healing toward the one past life incident which seemed to be the route of all my other issues. The first hurdle were the “scream” I would hear which was incapacitating to me and impossible to overcome by normal methods. In one session, that problem was healed to where the extreme noise in my head was gone. This was tied into my extreme anger just below the surface. The anger was apparently from the women who I killed in this past life. I didn’t realize this noise was gone until Petra Sofia questioned me on the next session. That was because my overriding emotion was now paralyzing but irrational fear.
During the last session, I was shown images of the long chain of events through the ages. First came this life the pounding from my mother and the time I almost accidentally killed her in anger as a teenager. Then the pictures went back to where I was again 5 years old smashing the head of a woman in a previous life. I could see the fear on her face as she knew she was about to die from my hand. I was then shown face after face of this death fear. I asked if we were done but Petra Sofia said keep going. I kept looking back and came to the picture of a father figure who had speared the stomach of his daughter who was pregnant with a child. I felt no remorse from the father standing over his dead girl so I assume it was a place where the extreme of the Muslim religion was practiced.
If I had to guess, the girl was pregnant with an illegitimate child which dishonoured the family. I thought I was through but Petra Sofia prodded me again to keep going. I saw the soul of that dead girl and or baby rise into the sky toward heaven. This light took me to a place where I could see my immediate relatives who had passed and then hundreds of other relatives who I did not know from previous lives. A funnel appeared and we all went through it like flushing a toilet but there was no fear or charge to it. At the other end we came out as specs of light floating in the universe which didn’t mean much to me.
However, Petra Sofia was so excited for me and said this meant that this chain of thousands of years of pain and suffering was finally broken and that I was now free from these issues in this life. This was no short of a miracle for me. Petra Sofia said it had happened relatively quickly but I responded that it was not quick for me as this had been a life time curse of really extreme emotional pain and suffering. That said, I was beyond grateful of this break through which I feared would not happen in my life time. I was so lucky to have been referred to her.

Steve, California, USA


Since having sessions with Petra Sofia I have experienced changes in my body mentally, physically and spiritually. I was lost. I didn’t know who I was and was tired beyond exhaustion. Functioning as normal on the outside, but not there. I was empty living only to work and keep my employment. I took supplement after supplement just to be able to exist.

I started sessions with Petra Sofia 10 years ago and things began changing. There were many layers to peel off and heal, from early childhood and on. Petra Sofia was also evolving. Now the sessions are really profound and lasting. My personality has emerged and I feel part of society, not a crumbled up shell. My core physical being is stronger and my posture improved and more upright. I am gaining energy, less tense and sleeping better. People say I am a different person. I was tired, angry and resentful from experiences in my life. These emotions have been released.

I am truly grateful. I am blessed. Thank you.

LN, Ontario, Canada


Dear Petra Sofia,

Thank you for the wonderful session today and in the recent past.

The issues I have brought in for healing have been far ranging –

emotional, spiritual, and physical – and I have experienced relief across the board. The process has been very gentle both during the session and as the healing has unfolded over time.

While receiving sessions, I often see colors and light, shapes and patterns. I also have had sensory experiences of heat, vibration, presence, and deep relaxation. Afterward, because the process is so subtle, I often don’t notice anything until I consciously bring my awareness to a condition and notice it has decreased significantly. Most profound has been a very troubling personal relationship that was unwholesome and traumatic for me. I was deeply hurt by a person who used me mercilessly. I had become obsessed by constant thoughts about the person and had continual feelings of regret. Several healing sessions with Petra Sofia, slowly diminished the intensity of these feelings and the obsession which was a 10 is now down to a 0! It had been robbing my life force!

Also, something as mundane as the flu has been helped!

I highly recommend this wonderful energy healing process!

Name is withheld, – California, U.S.A.


Petra Sofia, I have been to too many practitioners in order to gain radiant and vital energy – nutritionists, acupuncture, naturopath, shiatsu, TCM. None of these can compare to the results I get from your sessions I have with you. Results are fast and there is no need to buy or take expensive supplements.

No other practitioner or doctor has been able to get deep into the issues, and release their effects on my body. It is like a metamorphosis.
Thank you,  Lorraine – ON. Canada

Thank-you once again for your contribution to my well-being and that of my family. It is my hope that more people like yourself may become instruments for healing on this earth. These experiences are invaluable connections between the physical and the divine and that through our attunement and free will we have the power to create wholeness and fulfillment in our Being or remain captive to our old ways of Being. May the Great Spiritual Masters Bless you in your journey.    A.Z. – Quebec, Canada


A few years ago a close friend of mine recommended that I try Petra Sofia; she told me she does long distance healings over the phone. She had helped my friend with deep seated issues she had tried to resolve all her life. I trusted my friend’s recommendation because she knows me well, we have similar problems and she is very intuitive and psychic and seems adept at finding the best healers around. I wondered how anyone could do real healing work over the phone long distance. I am a reflexologist myself and prefer to work directly on people. I checked out Petra Sofia’s website. Although I was not familiar with ‘body talk’ and her recent Body-Repatterning work as an alternative healing modality, I gave it a try. I also liked that I could pay securely by PayPal.

Petra Sofia listened to my complaints in our first session. I had lived through a very abusive childhood with multiple traumas inflicted on me at an early age. I had grown up in a destroyed county after the war in Germany as the illegitimate child of a mother who was deeply disturbed emotionally. Despite many attempts to find healing I was still suffering from deep seated repressed anger and fears which manifested in depression, exhaustion and a chronic liver ailment. My immune system was exhausted; I fell from one illness into the next, as every cell in my body seemed to be at war with each other. I felt my life was coming to an end and did not see a reason to go on. Petra Sofia encouraged me, saying she could help me if I was willing to commit to my own healing. She scanned my body from the distance and could see that my liver was under great stress carrying many wounds from my past and negativity that was streaming through my blood. She worked on that and other issues she ‘saw’ that rose to awareness at the same time and infused them with her special energy work. It felt very relaxed, peaceful and soothing; while being very focused, compassionate and determined guided by a strong will aimed at my healing. I had intended to take notes while she was working on me to write down what I was seeing and perceiving on my end and of what she said, but she worked so quickly and although everything she said was clear to my inner mind, I was unable to keep notes or a record. The few notes that I scribbled cannot be deciphered. I learned to surrender to the lightening speed at which she was working, addressing my deepest held wounds and quickly releasing them as if they had been birds sitting in a tree in a slumber just waiting to be woken up and taking flight, never to return.

I continued the sessions with Petra Sofia over several years, depending on my needs and my budget. Anytime I called her, she was open and ready to continue the healing process. I recall one session in particular. I was not sure why I called her; I just felt I wanted to have a session. She asked me to check inside my body if there was a part that wanted to be addressed. Quite unexpectedly one of my teeth in the lower jaw started to feel tender. She said, ok, let’s go there and see what comes up. In my mind’s eye we traveled down to the bottom of a deep ocean to a solid bank of hardened sand. I could see nothing but sand for miles around. Then I noticed a tiny fragment sticking out and as I pulled on it this became the lid of a long lost treasure chest, a talent, a good part of me that I had buried so deep out of fear. My mother used to destroy the things I loved and I had learned to hide them, even from myself. Petra Sofia gave me the courage to bring that gift to the light, despite my mother’s internalized objection. Soon after that session I enrolled in art classes and began to paint.

Petra Sofia has been a strong ally in my healing process. She has helped me to grow up, to build boundaries, to develop a sense of self, a right to be which had been denied to me from the moment of my birth. My mother had held a lifelong control over me, using me to save her from her own pain and confusion, like a drowning person who strangles the life out of the one who tries to rescue them. She was unhappy and did not allow anyone else in her family to feel any different. I used to feel guilty when I was happy. Petra Sofia was determined to help me out from this nightmarish condition. I could feel that her sessions ( the effects of a session) often continued for several weeks until my energy had shifted. She made me aware of my predicament and often we could laugh about it together. I enjoyed her sense of humor during these sessions.

I am happy to report that with Petra Sofia help I am no longer depressed, have been able to stop smoking, stopped drinking alcohol or do any other drugs, I am not perfect, but I do enjoy living, my relationships with my family have greatly improved, I have not had a panic attack in a while. I don’t want to chinks it, but as of the time of this writing my immune system is stronger, my liver has greatly improved, it has become easier to meditate and I have a much more positive outlook on life. I am grateful for everything Petra Sofia has done for me. She is truly a wonderful, gifted, dedicated healer with a unique skill and extensive training in her healing art. Petra Sofia is a totally trustworthy and gifted with a clear and deeply compassionate mind. She has profound insight and high spiritual awareness and as far as I can tell, she seems to be surrounded and guided by God’s healing presence and healing energy. I hope that many others will find her and benefit from her talent and gift to improve their physical and spiritual well being. Thank you, Petra Sofia.

M.L.C. , Vermont, USA

I can’t thank you enough for the incredible session today. I feel very relaxed and at peace and I know that what occurred will come into something quite wonderful for me in the days and weeks ahead.

J.H., Ontario

“I had a tennis elbow for many years which prevented me from doing any form of weight lifting or exercise for long periods of time. Petra Sofia was able to help me to heal my tennis elbow by using a technique called BodyTalk. It was simple and it was fast. I had tried many other modalities, but this seemed to helped almost instantaneously! Thank you, Petra Sofia.
GS, COO, Publisher, Ontario

(Thanks, again for working on my tennis elbow – it has moved through and hasn’t come back.)

– Pain behind my ear is completely gone!
– Mood issues: I was handling something very calmly and in control where I usually would be on autopilot and be 100% upset emotional. I was so calm when she was stressed and 100 % fully in control of the situation and of myself!!!! My friend noticed it too and commented on my new behaviour.


Hi , my name is Glenn.

Petra Sofia saw a video about my ionized alkaline water and called me to find out more info. About the water! So we never met in person! During our conversation, Petra Sofia told me what she does. So I began telling her about some of my issues with my back and neck!! I actually was in horrific pain with a pinched nerve between my shoulder blade and neck! So I started drinking again which I had previously stopped doing a couple of years ago because of the pain! Long story short, I’ve had surgery on my back with a cage wrapped around my lower spine about 5-6 years ago! Also had both knees surgically done! Since then I’ve always had back pain! Some good days and bad! Anyways, Petra Sofia offered to give me a session over the phone! I’ve heard of this kind of healing but never experienced it first hand! So Petra Sofia began with a prayer to God to assist her in her work and that she does through him! I had no idea what to expect! Petra Sofia started to ask me to reveal all my past history about my back. Up until today. All I have to say is – If you have an open heart and you believe in God Petra Sofia can do wonders!!! It’s been going on three weeks now!! No pain at all in my back! First time in my life!!! And my craving for alcohol completely gone!! The bad energy in my body is gone and a whole new energy has been released! Unbelievable!! Thank you Petra Sofia for coming into my life!!  G.M. ,California


For the first time since 2007 ( it is now 20011 – 4 years later) I was able to sleep all night since I had the session in October with Petra Sofia. I have slept for up to 10 hours straight. I am very happy. This was caused by an accident in 2007 with shoulder and back injuries with lots of pain. I had constant pain to the point were I slept for an hour to an hour and a half at the most and then woke up from the pain until I fell a sleep again for an hour or so and I woke up again from the pain. This sleep pattern continued until I had to get up in the morning and it happened every night since that accident!  And my doctors told me I have to live with this for the rest of my life!! After the session I was very comfortable and moved freely and totally pain free and I had full range of motion again! And I am very satisfied and happy with it. My very high blood sugar levels have also dropped since the session from my regular high levels of  10.2 – 16.4  to a normal blood sugar level of 6.7 !!! for the first time since 2000. I feel calm as a cucumber. And also my blood pressure has dropped. I feel like I am 18 years old again. By the way the day before I saw Petra Sofia my neck was so stiff  and I was in such pain that I had to take the day off work and stayed home. When I was younger I was an amateur boxer and my body got likely injured through boxing as well.    O.E., Ontario


A 68 year old man who had to fight in the Korean war (1962) had a fall from a 75 foot cliff with his back pack and radio during that time and surved it. He was left with constant back pain. A second fall 8 years later made surgery and the removal of L4 necessary. He kept his constant back pain of level 3-4 and when the weather changed he had pain up to level 7-8. During the first session (two hour long) both active memories were addressed and he got up to use the washroom and something in his back “popped” and he is pain free ever since. This man was in constant pain for 45 years straight!
He also had results of active fire exercises (1958 to 1960). Before the Korean war he damaged permanently his hearing during those active fire exercises because he had to take off his ear protection to hear the commander’s instructions and had level 10 tinnitus (ringing in the ear). Within 3 sessions his tinitus level dropped to a 3! He had level 10 for 49 years of his life! He was told it was permanent nerve damage.  (G.E., Hawaii)

Here is my reaction, or processing, while you were tapping out the second formula, and while the sound frequencies played. I was sitting in my computer chair and felt the need to stretch out straight like a board, as if I was lying down but doing it just from my chair with my legs out in front and body leaning back on the back of the chair. Then I had to circle my right ankle round and round to feel the muscles releasing. At the same time there was movement in my upper back and shoulder area. Also, the area of my stomach just below the rib cage, middle area, has been feeling bloated and somewhat painful. That area just seemed to have the feeling of deflating, like a balloon and it was not so sensitive by the time the frequency sounds had stopped. For the first formula I had the feeling of wanting to weep but not really weeping, just a sense of relief after that. I don’t have to weep if it’s not perfect. Petra Sofia……just for confirmation. By my time you finished about 11:45 on Friday AM—–by 8 AM on Saturday I had processed 3 large bowel movements —–which is unheard of for me. Obviously lots of letting go included in those formulae. I also feel less “dense” or “heavy” and more joyful & light. Even tho’ I always think I am a happy sort of person the last 3 months or so I have been low energy and feeling as I said “heavy” —And those around me do not notice or see any difference me however I know that something needed to surface.  B.B., Ontario


A client with constant hip pain had anger issues addressed in the Adductor magnus muscle (thigh muscle) and had 50% improvement of her pain immediately after the session and it was completely gone by the next morning.
V., Ontario

🙂 I can walk. I can walk fast.
I can go up stairs, and down, using only my legs. The muscles in my
thighs, above my knees, are getting a workout – for the first time in
years, and I feel it! I’m so used to walking like a cripple that I have
to constantly remind myself to walk properly now. I get up in the morning
pain-free, and remain that way all day long! Oh, man, this is living!!!
I can’t thank you enough!!! It’s a whole new world for me, and that’s
not exaggerating. I took my daughter to the Doctor this morning, and weighed myself.
I’ve now lost 11 lbs!!! It’s really feeling GOOD, too!   V.T., Ontario

The pain started almost a year ago. Started just as a thumb twinge once in a while and it hurt to write. Tried just self medicating with 3 extra strength Tylenols before work each day. Well that didn’t really help so I finally saw a doctor 4 or 5 month ago but all I got there was a prescription for anti inflammations and was told “if they don’t work the only other option is surgery”.
Well, they didn’t work at all and I just went back to my Tylenol’s. Then last week the pain was so bad I said to my spouse that I’m thinking of considering the surgery.
Luckily I saw Petra Sofia before making that appointment because only after our first session I was almost totally pain free. I say on the pain scale 10 being the sorest and 1 being pain free, I went from a 10 to a 3 but noticing improvements every day. Oh and 2 days ago I noticed that I have a lot more pain free movement. For months I couldn’t have a big stretch without wincing but now I can again. And you all know there’s nothing like a good stretch! Thanks again, Petra Sofia.
D.G., Ontario
The same client wrote later again:  Worth Every Penny! When I think where I was before my treatments I appreciate Petra Sofia’s work even more. When I first met Petra Sofia I was in an arm brace, taking an expensive prescription ( that wasn’t doing anything at all ) all ready to book my appointment for surgery but wondering how I would even afford the downtime ( I’m guessing there would have been a cast after). But now after only 5 appointments with Petra Sofia I am writing this with that very same wrist pain free. Absolutely no “down time”. Nothing but good times here now (She should put a smily face here). Allopathic/Conventional Medicine would have cost me many trips to my doctor and specialists, surgery, prescription drugs, financial expenses and time/money loss at work. I had 5 sessions with Petra Sofia and I was all better. Sincerely, one very satisfied client.   D.G.,Ontario


I have zero pain in my hip now. The morning after my session with you, I awoke with no pain at all, and it hasn’t come back. This is huge, as sometimes the pain was so intense it woke me at night. Even when the pain was only 4/10, I was
limping – and I’m sure this added extra strain to my knee.   V.J., Ontario