Sessions can be given on the phone

Please send a detailed report on the most important events or situations of your life from birth to now. Anything that had an impact on you and or was traumatic as well. Write also what you would like to have addressed or changed as well when you book your first session.

During the session be in a quiet , undisturbed place and for a better energy flow in the body keep your arms and legs uncrossed.

On the day of the session keep your schedule free of any other obligations and social activities to be able to rest, relax or sleep afterwards if needed.

During the session be in a neutral and receptive consciousness and do not apply any learned healing technique or mental focus technique.

If you feel that you would like to stretch during the session please do so. This is how the body re-shifts and integrates the new balance sometimes. The shifts will continue for days and weeks afterwards.

Be receptive for healing to go forward in life.

Phone – Eastern Standard Time Zone (EST), Canada : (819) 459 – 2896

Email: petrasofia dot debenedetti at gmail dot com

Duration of the Sessions can vary from less to one hour or slightly longer. 

All fees have to be paid in advance just before the session.

Individual Session:  $ 120

Payment through PayPal or e-transfers through On-line banking.


 PayPal Payment:

Session Time

Petra Sofia De Benedetti

Phone: (819) 459 – 2896

Email: petrasofia dot debenedetti at gmail dot com

Cancellation Policy

Recognizing that circumstances come up in busy lives, if it is not possible to keep a scheduled appointment please contact me as soon as possible to book an alternative day and time so that the time slot is still available for someone else.


Information provided during a session with Petra Sofia De Benedetti is for educational purposes only. Petra Sofia De Benedetti is not a medical doctor. Sessions are not intended for the diagnosis, treatment, alliviation, mitigation, prevention or care of any disease of any kind, in any way. An individual can, however, choose to utilize the information and knowledge gained  during a session for the care of their own body, including any suggested health or healing programs. For any medical problems, see your primary care physician. It is not recommended you stop taking prescribed medicine or cease any other therapy without consulting your health care professional.

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